Rolling Trays

gA rolling tray is simply a flat rectangular tray, which is designed to aid your joint rolling efforts. Rolling trays vary in size and are made from lightweight materials like bamboo, plastic, tin, or aluminum. Rolling trays are usually enjoyed by those who prefer joints over vapes and pipes.

Customizable Cheap Plastic Rolling Tray Smoking Accessories Melamine Tray Set Serving Tray
Rolling Tray Set Tobacco Herb Grinder Storage jar Rolling Trays With Scale Storage Jar
Plastic Multi-Functional Cheap Scale Weighing Smoking Tool Lamp Plate Cigarette Rolling Tray
Plastic Colorful Multifunctional Serving Tray With drawer
High Quality Wholesale Wooden Plant Safety Food Serving Tray Bamboo Tray
Customized high quality different sizes wooden serve trays and bamboo rolling tray
LED Serving Trays Custom Logo LED Rolling Tray 3D Mirror Tray LED
Glass Serving Trays Ceramic Plates Custom Rolling Tray
Custom Design Small Smoking Rolling Customized Tray Logo Tin Service Tray
Bamboo Fiber Blank Bamboo Smoking Rolling Tray Rectangle Serving Tray
8*4 inch Wholesale biodegradable plant fiber plate serving rolling Tray
Custom metal serving tray white smoke trays custom Tin Rolling tray
Multi function Customer logo Smoking led Storage Tray Plate With Scale
Cigarette Serving Trays 27*16cm Tobacco Rolling Tray
Portable Hot Sale Cheap Wholesale Custom Cartoon Rock Custom Size Metal Smoking Herb Rolling Tray
Wholesale Custom New Design Rolling Melamine Serving Tray
0.35mm thick and durable Metal Tin Tobacco Rolling Tray and serving tray
34*27cm Mixed Color Pattern Metal Rolling Tray
Medium Rolling Tray 27*16cm Wedding Tray Glass customized rolling trays
wooden serve trays and bamboo rolling tray

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