Storage Jars

Tobacco jars allow you to store your tobacco in optimal conditions, to prevent it from drying out. To that end, they all come with a humidifier that, once soaked with water, will release the optimal level of humidity for several days.

POP Can Cannabis Storage Jars
Stash Jar Smell Proof Container For Herbs Spices
Waterproof Tobacco Storage Full Size Bamboo Grinder Jar Engraved Wood Stash Box
Rukioo® Plastic LED Visual storage Tank
Rukioo® Aluminum Storeage Jar
Night glowing LED jar with grinder on the top
Empty Clear Candle Jar With Lid For Candle Making Aluminum Alloy Jar
Portable Plastic Material Storage Bottles Jars Type ABS LED Jar
Multifunctional Storage Jar Air Tight Stash Container Storage Jar With Lid
Herb Spice Containers Airtight Storage Bottles
Portable Eco-friendly Aluminum alloy tabacco container pill case smoking storage jar
Multifunctional Air Tight Stash Container Storage Jar With Easy Locked Lids
Electroplate Logo LED 5.5*8.8cm Visual Storage Tank Glass Jar With Display Box
Glass Jar With Bamboo Lid Air Tight Stash Container With Easy Locked Lids
Multifunctional Storage Jar Empty Clear Candle Jar With Easy Locked Lids
Degradable Herb Storage Jar Environmental Protection Jar

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