Pre-Rolled Flavored Cones with Crush Bead

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  • Crush bead bursting: With a crush bead inside.
  • Pre-Rolled.
  • Elevate your roll with infused flavors: We prepared 50+ flavors options for you, check the specification tab below.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended for use with tobacco. Misuse with tobacco is strictly prohibited. We disclaim liability for any harm resulting from such misuse. Follow all provided instructions and guidelines for proper usage. For any questions or concerns, contact our customer support.


custom pre rolled cones

wholesale pre rolled cones

Item Weight (Graphic box)225g
Item Weight (Canister)46g
Item Dimension L*W*H (Graphic box)20.5*14*12cm
Item Dimension L*W*H (Canister)15*5.5cm
PackagingGraphic box/Canister
UsageSmoking, cigrette rolling
FlavorPeach; Mango; Banana; Grape; Lemon; Mint
ManufacturerJinlin Smoking
Country of OriginChina


All flavors available

1 Ginseng Flavor Bead27 Iced Osmanthus Flavor Bead
2 Tangerine Flavor Bead28 Iced Citrus Flavor Bead
3 Black Ice Flavor Bead29 Matcha Flavor Bead
4 Lemon Flavor Bead30 Chocolate Flavor Bead
5 Orange Flavor Bead31 Mango Flavor Bead
6 Liquor Flavor Bead32 Iced Mung Bean Paste Flavor Bead
7 Red Wine Flavor Bead33 Iced Coffee Flavor Bead
8 Iced Yakult Flavor Bead34 Iced Lily Bead
9 Agarwood Flavor Bead35 Iced Hami Melon Flavor Bead
10 Watermelon Flavor Bead36 Iced Jasmine Flavor Bead
11 Blueberry Mint Flavor Bead37 Iced Rose Flavor Bead
12 Iced Lychee Flavor Bead38 Iced Camellia Flavor Bead
13 Iced Grape Flavor Bead39 Pineapple Flavor Bead
14 Iced Strawberry Flavor Bead40 Cherry Flavor Bead
15 Aromatic Green Tea Flavor Bead41 Peach Flavor Bead
16 Powerful Mint Flavor Bead42 Taro Flavor Bead
17 Lemon and Grapefruit Flavor Bead43 Cocktail Flavor Bead
18 Sprite and Mint Flavor Bead44 Champagne Flavor Bead
19 Milk and Banana Flavor Bead45 Red Bull Flavor Bead
20 Black Ice and Mint Flavor Bead46 Vanilla Flavor Bead
21 Iced Bayberry Flavor Bead47 Pear Flavor Bead
22 Orange Soda Flavor Bead48 Passion Fruit Flavor Bead
23 Watermelon and Mint Flavor Bead49 Coconut Flavor Bead
24 Cola and Mint Flavor Bead50 Iced Chrysanthemum Flavor Bead
25 Apple and Mint Flavor Bead51 Iced Betel Nut Flavor Bead
26 Iced Durian Flavor Bead52 Mixed Flavor Bead

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Pre-Rolled Flabored Cones
Pre-Rolled Flavored Cones with Crush Bead