Rukioo® Pre-rolled Cone with Spiral Filter

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Size: 0.7cm*8.4cm
Color: natural color, bleach white
MOQ: 1 ctn
Outer packing size: 51*34*56cm (carton packing); 54*34*47 (cask packing)
Unit weight: 15g (small case); 250g (middle case)
Material: paper
Packing: 12 pcs/small case, 15 small cases/middle case (carton packing); 50 pcs/cask, 120 casks/box
MOQ for customization: 50000 pcs (custom tips), 20000 pcs (blank tips)
Quantity/carton: 80 middle cases (carton packing); 120 casks (cask packing)
regular delivery time: 25 days
Weight/carton: 21.5kg


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Rukioo® Pre-rolled Cone with Spiral Filter