Rukioo® Hemp Rolling Paper

•  Product name: Rukioo® Rolling Paper
•  Product ID: KST
•  Brand: Rukioo®
•  Material: Natural plants
•  Colors: Brown, Black
•  Box size: 111*27*9(mm)
•  Paper size: 108*44(mm)
•  Manufacturer: Jinlin (HK)
•  MOQ: 100 PCS
•  OEM/ODM: Available



Here are the things that we, as a community and as smokers, have been waiting for: natural and unrefined rolling papers without dyes and additives. Looking for a paper that has your favorite flavors? Look no further than our Rukioo® paper. It’s made from natural plant fibers, not synthetic chemicals and binders. And unlike other rolling papers, Rukioo® contains no chalk or burn additives. It truly tastes like the natural flavors of your smoke!

Rukioo® is the paper of choice in many cafes, bars and restaurants. Experts agree that Rukioo® offers the purest and smoothest smoking experience. It’s great for all types of herbs, tobacco blends, incense and more! The simple and natural way to enjoy your favorite smoke. No additives, no dyes, no chalk and no burn stop. Simply the best natural rolling papers out there! Enjoy the taste of all-natural tobacco leaf in every puff.  Forget about harsh and toxic chemicals, artificial flavors and other additives, we only use premium tobacco leaves that are harvested from healthy regions worldwide.


•    No chalk
•    No dyes
•    No burn additives
•    Natural flavors
•    Made from natural plants
•    Multiple printing colors

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Rukioo® Hemp Rolling Paper